How to record Skype audio and video calls

Skype is easily one of the most popular voice calling apps on the Internet. If you have always wondered if you can record your audio and video calls, you can do so now in Skype and it works effortlessly. No need to have third-party apps risking your privacy or security! The feature is available on both desktop and mobile versions of Skype, and it’s very easy to use.

How to record Skype calls

To start off, you have to initiate your audio or video call. When you and the other party are connected, you simply need to press ‘+’ button on your desktop or on your phone. This button is normally at the bottom right of the conversation. When you click or tap on it, you will see the prompt to Start Recording.You and the other party will then see a banner at the top of the screen, alerting you that the call is being recorded. The banner will stay on during the duration of the call. Microsoft, of course, has made sure the banner show for legal reasons as many countries don’t recognize recording someone without their consent.

Skype video recording

The new recording feature is great for content creators, specially for users who have relied on Skype for creating podcasts.

When the call has ended, you and all participants of the call, will have a copy of the recording saved in Skype.

How to save Skype call recording

Keep in mind that recorded calls are saved in the chat log for 30 days, after which they are deleted. If you wish to save a copy of the call on your desktop, go to the audio/video recording in the chat window and to the right there will be a menu (the button with 3 dots). Click on this and choose Save to ‘Downloads’ and Skype will save the recording to your computer.

Skype save call recording

Skype call recording

If you wish to select the location for the recording, you can choose Save As, and navigate to the place where you want to save the recording. The file will be saved there and can be played back with any compatible app like VLC, QuickTime, Media Player, etc.

The process is a lot easier on smartphones: just tap and hold on the recorded call in your chat transcript, and tap on Save when the prompt comes up. This will save the recording in your camera roll. This applies to both iOS and Android.

How to forward or share Skype call recording

If you want to share a call recording with someone, simply repeat the above steps and choose the Forward option, but this will only be limited to Skype contacts. If you wish to share the video with people who are on a different app, you can use WhatsApp or just drag and drop the video/audio in a chat window when on Desktop.