Download and install macOS Mojave public beta 8

Apple has released the eighth public beta for macOS Mojave. Announced at WWDC 2018, macOS 10.14 Mojave has a number of major new features including dark mode, desktop stacks, updates to Finder and Quick Look, dynamic wallpapers, new screenshot capture tool, and many more. You can try out all these new features by following our guide on how to download and install macOS Mojave public beta 8 on your Mac.

If you already have macOS Mojave public beta installed on your Mac, go to System Preferences, Software Update to download the new beta. This is Apple’s new system software update user interface in macOS Mojave. You don’t have to go to Mac App Store > Updates anymore to download system updates.

macOS Mojave Software Update

Apple had released the first developer beta for macOS Mojave on the same day as their developer conference. The developer beta is currently available to registered Apple developers, which is a paid membership. However, anybody can sign-up for Apple’s public beta and download it. Even though public betas are generally more stable than developer versions, please note that you might still run into issues so it is best to backup your data before continuing.

Check if your Mac is compatible with macOS Mojave

Apple dropped support for a number of Macs with Mojave. Here is a list of supported Macs:

  • iMacs, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini models introduced in mid-2012 or later
  • MacBooks introduced in 2015 or later
  • 2010 and 2012 Mac Pro models and later, with recommended Metal-compatible graphics cards
  • iMac Pro, 2017 and later

Backup your Mac!

Make sure to back up your Mac with Time Machine. You would need an external hard drive for this. Connect it to your Mac and open System Preferences > Time Machine to setup the drive as your backup device.

Download macOS Mojave Public Beta 8

  1. Go to Apple’s Public Beta Software Program website.Apple Beta Sotware Program
  2. Once signed in, we will download macOS Public Beta Access Utility. It should be available on this page. Once downloaded, run the pkg file and follow the instructions. macosdeveloperbetautilityInstall macOS Developer Beta Access Utility
  3. After you install the utility, Mac App Store will open with the macOS Mojave download page. Start the download.Download macOS Mojave Mac App Store
  4. Once the download completes, the macOS Mojave installer (also accessible from Applications folder) will open. From here onwards, follow the instructions to upgrade your Mac to Mojave. Your system will restart a few times and the installation might take a long time, so better grab some coffee.macOS 10.14 Beta

Tip: you can also create a bootable USB drive for macOS Mojave, for a clean installation. The bootable drive can also be used to install the beta on another Mac, without enrolling it in the beta program.

Enjoy testing the public beta and don’t forget to share feedback with Apple, if you find any issues.

How to leave macOS Mojave public beta program

If you want to stop testing macOS Mojave, here is what you should do:

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Software Update.macOS Mojave System Preferences
  2. This is the new Software Update screen in macOS Mojave. Click on Details on the bottom left of the screen.macOS Mojave System Preferences System Update 1
  3. Click on Restore Defaults to un-enroll your Mac from future beta updates. macOS Mojave System Preferences Software Update

This will not revert your Mac to a non-beta release of macOS. To downgrade, follow our guide on how to clean install macOS using Internet Recovery.