How to create and use Memoji in iOS 12

Memojis are virtual avatars that you can create in iOS 12. While creating them is a simple step-by-step process, they are animated using the TrueDepth camera which is available on iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The TrueDepth camera captures up to 50 facial muscles, including your tongue, which in turn animates the Memoji. You can record your own video using these avatars and share them with friends or post them on social networks. Here is how you can use Memoji Maker and create, animate and share your own avatar.

Creating Memoji in iOS 12

To get started with Memojis, make sure that your iPhone is on iOS 12 (Pretty soon, iPads will also support Memojis, as per rumors). Memojis exist in the Messages app on iPhone, so you’ll have to go to an iMessage conversation and open the app drawer, which typically contains your stickers, GIFs and other apps.

You’ll see an icon, with a surprised monkey¬†Animoji on it. Tap on it and you should get the below view:

New Memoji iOS 12

You can either tap on New Memoji to start creating a new one, or you can edit or duplicate an existing one by tapping on it. This menu is also where you can also delete them from.

Edit Memoji iOS 12

Personalizing Memojis in iOS 12

Just like Bitmoji, and other avatar creation apps, Memoji support a wide range of personalization features. The options are diverse so you can easily create a virtual version of yourself. The following personalization options are available:

  • Skin
  • Hairstyle
  • Head Shape
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Nose & Lips
  • Ears
  • Facial Hair
  • Headwear

Each of these options allows users to select from a variety of colors and their shades. There are so many customization options that you might find it difficult to create a Memoji that suits your personality. The preview in Memoji Maker is live so you can see how it reflects your expressions in real-time.

Memoji Maker Skin Hairstyle

Memoji Maker Brows Nose Lips

Memoji Maker Eyewear Headwear

You can create as many Memojis as you want. You can always come back and edit them to change them however you like.

Recording Memoji videos in iOS 12

After you are done creating your Memoji, the real fun starts when you record your video. Simply pick up your iPhone, open a new message and go to the Animoji tab in the app drawer. Tap the red record button to start recording your message. You can record a message up to 30 seconds long.

Record and share Memoji in iOS 12

Once done, press the blue send button to send it in the message.

Tip: you can also drag your virtual self to a chat message to send it as a sticker.

Sharing Memoji videos in iOS 12

Not only can you send the entertaining videos in messages, you can also save them to share in other apps. Simply long press on your video in any chat message, and tap save in the menu that pops up. This will save the video clip to your Photos app.

Save Memoji in iOS 12

Tip: you can always create a chat message with yourself, if you want to create a video but not send it to anyone. By sending it to yourself, it becomes available to save and share in other apps.

Use Memoji with Camera Effects

You can now use your Memoji or Animoji in the new camera effects, introduced in iOS 12. Simply go to the Messages app, open a chat thread and tap on the camera button. There’s a new filters button which opens up a variety of stickers, photo filters and other effects. One of these is Animoji. Tap it and select your Memoji to become one yourself. It will reflect your expressions and what you say, in real-time.

Memoji Camera Effects

New Animojis in iOS 12

It all started with Animojis, which were one of the highlight features for iPhone X’s 3D TrueDepth camera, along with Face ID. Apple has not forgotten these and added 4 new Animojis with iOS 12: ghost, t-rex, koala and tiger.

Animoji iOS 12