How to apply for Instagram verification and keep your account secure

Instagram has introduced some new security related features, aimed at protecting its users from hacks. This features include authenticity information for popular accounts, verification system for public figures and improvements to how two-factor authentication works on Instagram. The aim behind these measures is to ensure that users know who they are following or interacting with, as well as keep their accounts secure and better protected from hackers.

About This Account

A new About This Account section for popular public accounts will help users understand whether the account is authentic or not. Information such as joining date, country, the ads they run and their former usernames will help users understand the origins for the profile. This will prevent fake accounts, or help users understand whether an account has changed names. Many Instagram accounts with large following are often hacked or sold and their usernames are changed, so this will also expose such accounts.Instagram About This Account

Users with large following will be able to see which information will be made public.

Account Verification

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram also has verified profiles but it hasn’t been easy for users to apply for one. To get that blue tick, popular accounts can now apply for verification from Instagram’s app options. Users will have to provide their full name and a government-issued photo ID to apply for verification. If the account meets the Instagram’s criteria, they should get the blue tick next to their profile.

Users can apply for verification by going to Options > Request Verification.

Instagram Account Verification

Third-party Authenticator Apps

Instagram is adding support for third-party authenticator apps so that you do not have to rely on your mobile number for verification. A number of third-party authentication apps are already available in App Store and Google Play Store, like Authy. If you use any of these apps, you can configure Instagram to use two-factor authentication with them. The process is very simple – you have to copy a code from the app and enter it in Instagram to link it. Of course, as with all two-factor authentication methods, keep your recovery codes handy, just in case you do not have access to the authentication app or your text messages.

Instagram Third-party Authenticator Apps

Instagram will be rolling out all these new features over the coming few weeks.