How the Mac Mini helps power creativity behind the scenes

The Mac Mini got more than a fresh coat of paint after a long hiatus. Loyal fans waited for the system to receive an upgrade but Apple revealed that the Mac Mini has always been there and people just didn’t know it.

Mac Mini setup

In a new article on their website, Apple takes us through Mac Mini’s journey of making a country concert possible and how it powered a Broadway production of J.M Barrie’s Finding Neverland. Outside of entertainment, the Mac Mini is at the heart of some of the biggest app developers, startups, data centers, and more.

You might not think much of the Mac Mini at first glance. It might easily be considered a handy device for the office, something taken lightly. You could never imagine such spectacular processing power in such a small form-factor. The Mac Mini was first introduced in 2005 as an affordable Mac desktop solution. Since then it has been a choice favorite for app developers and content creators. Large quantities of the Mini PC are being commonly used in data centers. King – the developer of Candy Crush, Shopify, and many other Silicon Valley giants use Mac Minis. The Mac Minis also powers your favorite retail stores, hospitals, theme parks and even your favorite events.

Apple tells us the story of Country Singer Dierks Bentley, who considers the Mac Mini an essential part of his tour. Bentley’s guitar technician Carlos Gutierrez is behind the stage of every performance with a Mac Mini. The mini desktop shows him the readings of all the guitars with all the accuracy he needs to make sure the show never stops.

“If Dierks is out in the crowd and this setup alerts me that his guitar’s wireless strength is going down, I can adjust it and avoid an issue,” Says Carlos. 

The band’s audio engineer also credits the product as a steady and reliable device which has been used since 13 years in the band.

“Mac mini is such an important tool for me that everything pivots from there,” says McDermott. “I use it to generate the same audio file every time, at a high resolution, and it gives me a graphical representation of what’s happening [sound-wise] in the venue, so I can perfectly tune the system for every show.”

The bands credit the Mac Mini with being light, easy to store and able to seamlessly power the performance. Jal Ballinger says that the music industry can’t possibly be where it is today without Apple’s products.

Apple also shared the story of Broadway production of Finding Neverland. Enrico de Trizio and Jeff Marder are equal parts conductors, programmers, and engineers. A Broadway musical’s biggest strength is in its music delivery.

They use the Mac Mini for parts of the show which can’t be performed or sung live. Enrico credits the Mac Mini as being ‘small, powerful, and plenty of connectivity options’. He says that the Mac Mini delivers all the standards expected of an Apple device.

The Mac Mini powers all the sound effects for the production from the roar of thunder to the ticking of a clock and even ‘Tinkerbelling’. It is only through the Mac Mini that it’s possible for J.M Berrie’s story can be told in such a captivating way. The Mini desktop might not look like it, but it packs a punch when pros need help to deliver their most memorable performances.