How fall detection works in Apple Watch Series 4

Although Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the highlights of the Apple Watch Series 4 reveal, there is another feature that was shown on stage which can equally save lives. Fall detection is made for situations where the watch detects that the wearer has fallen down and cannot get up. If the watch detects that there’s an emergency, it automatically contacts relevant authorities and medical services to come for help.

Fall detection in Apple Watch

Fall detection isn’t just targeted towards people who fall from great heights. It is also aimed at elderly users, who take a fall and cannot get up. Using its accelerometer and gyroscope, if the watch detects a hard fall, it will show a notification and ask the user to confirm if they are ok. Users can initiate a call right from this screen or just dismiss the alert if they are fine. However, if they are unable to respond within 60 seconds, the watch will automatically place a call to emergency services and send out messages to emergency contacts, with the users location. The watch will also display the user’s Medial ID so that emergency responders can quickly view relevant information and act accordingly.

The Apple Watch Series 4 New Fall Detection Feature

While this might not seem like a big feature in terms of implementation, it has a huge potential. It can be a life saving feature. As Apple said, we hope nobody has to use it but if someone does, fall detection might be the feature that gets the user the help they need.

Apple Watch Series 4 Keeps Track of your Heartrate at all times

In addition to ECG and fall detection, Apple Watch Series 4 can now detect irregular low and high heart-rate and alert the user. This allows the wearer to be aware of their heart-rate and take immediate action to remedy it. Heart-rate readings and ECG data from the watch can also be exported in PDF format to be shared with healthcare professional and get proper consultation.

With all these remarkable features in Apple Watch Series 4, it is definitely a must-buy item for a loved one who regularly needs their vitals monitored and could be prone to falling. All these features are invaluable to the right audience who knows this watch could one day save their life or of their loved one.