HomePod to support phone calls, multiple timers and more with software update

Apple’s HomePod will be getting support for phone calls (finally!), multiple timers, find my iPhone, Siri Shortcuts and more, thanks to a free software update releasing next week. HomePod was made to compete against Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home in the smart speaker line of products, however, it has been lacking in terms of features. While Apple had already delivered exceptional sound quality, Time Cook announced some much-needed new features at the recent Apple event that make the speaker even more useful.

The Apple HomePod

The speaker is looking to be a bigger part of your home activities as expansion of voice commands will allow for greater utility. Through an upcoming software update, HomePod will now support:

  • Searching for a song by lyrics (on Apple Music)
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Setting multiple timers (a timer for your cooking, to wake someone up, etc)
  • Find my¬†iPhone integration (helps find iPhone, iPad or AirPods remotely if they’re lost in home)
  • Integration with Siri Shortcuts, which opens up HomePod to unlimited possibilities

You can also control select HomeKit accessories from the speaker, listen to the latest headlines, weather reports, and check for any upcoming appointments.

The Apple HomePod Working with iPhone

The HomePod is also capable of delivering sound to any room from anywhere in the home as long as it can hear you.

HomePod’s audio output quality is unequivocally¬†beyond question. The brilliant use of spatial awareness delivers audio quality that fits the acoustics of any room it’s in, so you aren’t deafened nor need to struggle to hear audio. You can also combine two speakers to form a stereo pair, which improves the audio quality considerably. AirPlay 2 improves the integration by allowing you to play music in any part of the house without much effort, whether from your iPhone or by pinging HomePod with a “Hey Siri” Wake up command. Even iTunes on Mac can control HomePod thanks to a recent AirPlay 2 related update.

As usual, Apple has taken into account the need for consumer privacy which is why all user data is heavily encrypted when stored on Apple’s servers.

The new update will be released for all HomePod owners on September 17, Monday.

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