Here are the 230 new Emojis coming to iOS and Android in 2019

Unicode Consortium has approved 2019’s final list of Emojis with 230 new characters. Deaf person, ringed planet, blood drop, people holding hands and more are the new emojis that users will get to compose expressive text messages with.┬áIn addition, new birds, animals, worship places, food, clothing, updates to older emojis with new colors and more have made their way in the updated Emoji 12.0 specs. Although there are only 59 new characters in Emoji 12.0, the number adds up to 230 emojis when skin tone variants are included.

Emoji 12.0

Image via Emojipedia

If we were to pick a theme for 2019’s inclusion, it would be ‘representation of people’ with disabilities and diversity of skin tones in different gender and same gender couples. In chronological order, in 2015 Unicode Standard added skin tone support, in 2016, enhanced women’s representation, in 2017, focused on gender inclusion and in 2018, it offered a wider hair color range.

Emojipedia has released a video with the approved Emoji list. The characters in the video may be subject to change as per the platform they are on. For now, the sample demonstration emojis have an ‘Apple style’ glossy appearance. Going through the comments on the video, it feels people are requesting for more representation and wider color range.

As per Unicode’s announcement post, all requirements for the implementation of the new set of emojis are complete. The post has links to the technical documents, updated charts and data files to be used by developers for integration of emojis in various platforms like apps, operating systems and web throughout 2019. Unicode believes that the new emojis would be available on mobile phones by September or October this year. Furthermore, Unicode is looking forward to the availability of the new emojis for adoption to help its work on digitally disadvantaged languages.

Expect iOS 13, macOS 10.15, Android Q and a future update to Windows 10 to ship with Emoji 12.0.

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