Google Releases Chrome 69 – New Design, Better Password Management & More

Google Chrome is one of Internet’s top browsers of choice. One would never have guessed that the browser which is notorious for eating ram liberally would ever reach 10 years. It seems that Chrome version 69 is looking to turn over a new leaf with what can be called the most significant update for the browser in a long time.

A new browser, a whole new world – Chrome 69

As we dive into the major changes that come with 69, let’s look at the design updates.

Design update

Chrome 69 redesign

The most evident change is the complete design revamp that the browser has undergone. The change has been applied to mobile and desktop variants of the browser, and we are definitely very pleased with the rounded look. Everything from the address bar, to homepage, tabs and menus, and navigation (on mobile), have received the new design treatment. Some people have been calling this as the Material Design 2.0 update. If you use the new Gmail, you might be able to recognize these design changes.

Chrome 69

Improved password management

With the new redesign, Chrome has given security enthusiasts a much-needed feature. If you ever just stare into the password box and scan the room to associate with your password, Chrome 69 has you covered! You can now click on any password box in Chrome and it will suggest a strong password to use automatically store it for you. While LastPass and other password managers already do this, saving the extra step of making Chrome remember passwords is a welcome change.

Smarter address bar

Additionally, you can now save yourself a few clicks by having smart answers delivered to you right from the search bar. Just type out your question in the address bar and the answers will show up underneath. Don’t get carried away though, this won’t tell you the meaning of life or where you last left your keys.

The new Chrome design and other updates are available now for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. It’s safe to say that Chrome 69 is easily one of the biggest updates that the browser has gotten in a long time and we are very ecstatic with the change. There have been reports of certain fonts appearing blurry in the updated browser and the Chrome team has said that this issue will be resolved by tomorrow soon. A lot of users have also complained that the updated Chrome browser is not as fast as before, specially on macOS, so expected these issues to be addressed soon too.

Keep in mind that this is a major update to the browser, there might be bugs and issues. If you experience any bugs, crashes or issues, be sure to report them via the help menu. This helps the Chrome team in fixing them for all users.

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