Google Photos update for iOS gets Depth Control and Color Pop

Google Photos for iOS has been updated with some useful new features called Depth Control and Color Pop. Depth Control provides post-capture bokeh adjustment for portrait photos. Color Pop lets users selectively colorize their photo, while making rest of it black and white.

Depth Control on iPhone X, 7 Plus and 8 Plus with Google Photos

To use Depth Control, open a photo captured using Portrait Mode in Google Photos and go to editing tools. Tap anywhere on the photo to bring it in focus, and use the Depth slider to modify the intensity of the background blur or bokeh.

Unlike Apple’s own Depth Control feature, Google Photo’s Depth Control works on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. The results do not seem as good as Apple’s own Depth Control implementation in iPhone XS Max and XR, but it’s better than nothing.

For better background blur control and customization, I still recommended Focos, which allows more than just depth control. It lets users change the shape of aperture and even add different filters for a more customized effect.

Color Pop can be accessed by tapping edit on any photo. Tap on your subject and the rest of the photo will become black and white. During testing, this feature rarely made the photo look good. It is kind of like Portrait Lighting and will make your photo look good only in specific light conditions and angles.

Google Photos Depth Control iPhone X

Apart from these features, Google Photos provides unlimited photo and video storage, smart search, Google Lens, automatic grouping by albums, events and people and much more. In many ways, it’s much better than Apple’s Photos app. I personally use both iCloud Photos and Google Photos to backup my content as I love the effects and animations that Google Assistant comes up with.

Both Color Pop and Depth Control are only available for iPhones with dual-cameras because these features use depth data to modify photos. These updates are available for all users now. If you don’t see them, check App Store on your iOS device for update.

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