Google Maps apps add Apple Music controls and commute tab

Whether you are a native to the city, just visiting, or taking a ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft, Google Maps has made itself a part of our daily travel. With significant updates like live traffic updates and route information, the app continues to get better. The latest update does even more for the every day commuter as Google is introducing new features like a commute tab, mixed-mode commutes, transportation delays, and music controls.

Google Maps

Commute tab

Google Maps will now track accidents on the app

Already accounting for traffic in the city, Google will now share accident updates with commuters to alert them of about traffic congestion along the drivers route. This helps make sure that the user will not have to get stuck in hours of traffic. Google Maps will also suggest you an alternate route to take you to your destination on time or as close to it as possible.

Mixed-mode Commutes

Getting information of all public transport resources

Google Maps will now track trains, buses, distance between bus stops or stations, and other useful information to help keep the user alert and better plan their route, time and other aspects of their trip well before they leave for the journey.

Transportation Delay

Tracking the Subway through Google Maps

When you’re standing waiting for your train, you have to wait for the screen or the announcer to tell you when the train is arriving. Now you can track your prospective train through Google Maps, live. The feature is currently only available to Sydney residents with plans to make it available globally in the coming months.

Apple Music in Google Maps

Music is now Integrated into Google Maps

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or your public transport is delayed, your music is now with you. Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music will now work from Google Maps. You can control any of these music services right from Google Maps app without switching to the music apps. This will help you keep your eye on your journey without getting distracted.

These feature have started rolling out to users but certain features will take time to reach in other parts of the world. Check the app on Play Store or App Store for the latest update.