Google Gboard now lets users create emoji of themselves

A few months ago, Google rolled out Mini Stickers through Gboard. With the help of machine learning algorithms and a selfie, you could get a sticker pack that looks just like you to use in different apps. Thanks to the latest update to the app, you can now create customized emoji packs through Gboard.

Setting up Mini Emoji

The steps to creating Emoji mini are very similar to the steps to create a Mini Sticker. When you go to ‘Your minis‘ menu, you will see a new option for Emoji mini. Just tap on ‘Create’ to the right of Emoji mini to get started. Snap a selfie and let Gboard handle the rest. You will now have a third customization option called Emoji mini, along with Sweet mini, and Bold mini.

Google takes advantage of machine learning to create a variety of emojis based on your selfie. After you create an emoji sticker, Gboard will create different versions of it, that look just like you. So if you have black hair, all the variants of your emoji will also have black hair, whether it’s clown, zombie or any other character. The same will apply to your skin tone.

Customization includes the usual hair styles, facial hair, and other cosmetic features that are also part of stickers. After you are done customizing your Emoji mini, just save the changes and you’re good to go. To use the emoji, use Gboard to send it as a sticker. The many looks of Mini Emoji

Note that these emojis are only useable as stickers as they are not unicode emojis, that are an open standard and available across all platforms. However, they definitely add a touch of personalization to your messages, similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji.

The update is now live on Gboard for iOS and Android, in all languages and countries across the world. Just make sure you are on the latest version of Gboard to take advantage of the new feature.