Google adds smart GIF and Emoji suggestions to Gboard

Google has announced a new update for its popular Gboard keyboard app with support for smart GIF and Emojis suggestions. When you type a sentence using Gboard, it will now automatically suggest relevant GIFs and Emojis with the tap of a button. Google says that it is using on-device AI processing to provide private suggestions.

Gboard Emoji Suggestions

Google has been adding tons of customization related features to Gboard. With the recent update, Gboard allowed users to create emoji stickers of themselves. Previously, an update was released to allow users to create a mini avatar of themselves, by capturing their selfie. Both these features were released for both iOS and Android.

GIF and Emoji Suggestions in Gboard

To use the new feature, simply use Gboard on your Android phone and start typing. A GIF button will appear in place of the Google icon. Tapping this button will show GIF and Emoji suggestions, based on the text you had entered in the keyboard. From here, you can tap on any GIF and Emoji to add it to your conversation and send it to your contacts.

Google has only announced this feature for Gboard for Android for now. The update will be available for English only while support for more languages will be added later. There is no word whether this update will be released for Gboard for iOS.

Apple already has similar emoji features for iPhone and iPad, since iOS 10. You can type out a sentence using the default iOS keyboard and when you tap the emoji button, it will automatically highlight words in orange for which there are emojis. Simply by tapping these words, users can replace them with the suggested emoji, or chose from a list of multiple emoji suggestions.

Apple also shows predictive emoji suggestions in the autocorrect/Quick Type bar. As users type a message, relevant emoji suggestions appear, allowing the user to quickly add them to their message.