Gmail gets new Scheduling and Smart Compose updates on its 15th birthday

On its 15th birthday, Gmail received a bunch of updates for its scheduling and smart compose features. Dynamic email support is also being rolled out for desktop browsers, which will allow users to perform actions right from within Gmail, instead of switching tabs. Scheduling and smart compose are rolling out for both desktop browsers and Android devices, while iOS devices will get the updates soon.

New Gmail

Gmail Smart Compose

Google had released Smart Compose a while back for desktop browsers, as part of their major Gmail redesign. The feature shows autocomplete suggestions as user type their email, helping them to write faster. Smart Compose uses neural networks to give suggestions. Google has ensured that the suggestions are quick and privacy is guaranteed as it uses your email text to train the neural network.

With this new update, Google has made Smart Compose even smarter. The feature now gives autocomplete suggestions based on the way you type emails. So if you usually type ‘yo guys’ in the beginning of your emails, you will be given the same suggestion. You will even be given suggestions for your email subject.

Please don’t type ‘yo guys’ in your email.

Smart Compose is available for desktop browsers as well Gmail’s Android app now. Gmail for iOS will be updated soon with this feature.

Schedule emails in Gmail

Perhaps one of the biggest features that users wanted was email scheduling. Sometimes you need to draft an email but not send it right away. I usually had to rely on third-party apps and services to schedule emails, but Gmail will now have native support for this functionality.

Scheduling is available for desktop browsers and Android app for now. Support for iOS is coming soon.

Dynamic emails in Gmail

This is a major new step for emails. Google is basically turning your Gmail inbox into an app ecosystem. As per Google:

This format supports AMP versions of emails that might dynamically update content and can include interactive elements.

Users would be able to complete tasks right from within Gmail, such as reply to comments, fill out forms, browse content, and much more. This will reduce the need to click through links in emails. However, it will likely create more work for developers. There are already enough platforms to support and this just adds one more.

Dynamic emails are rolling out to desktop version of Gmail for now, while mobile apps will receive support in the future.

Swipe actions in Gmail for iOS

Even though Gmail for iOS did not get much love with these new updates., it received new customizeable swipe actions. Users can configure the left and right swipe actions on emails in a list view, to either delete trash, archive, mark as read, snooze or move.

I still remember when I got my first invite for Gmail back in 2014. It was crazy to believe that an email app can be so much better than what was available back then. It also beat the hell out of the competition in terms of storage space. Those were times when services like Hotmail used to offer just a few MB of storage space.

Makes you feel old, doesn’t it?

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