Get Dark Mode in Slack for macOS with Sblack

Slack has recently started testing a dark mode for their iOS and Android apps, however, they have not announced any plans to introduce dark mode in their desktop apps yet. The company announced last year that they are working on new native apps for macOS and Windows so dark mode might be introduced as part of those major updates. Fortunately, if you are on macOS, there is an alternative lightweight Slack app called Sblack that has a dark mode and is more performance efficient than the official Slack app.

Slack Dark Mode on Mac

Sblack has been developed by the same folks who have created Boxy, a macOS app for Gmail and Google Calendar. The experience shows as Sblack is a really efficient app. The app is not based on Electron so saves a lot on file size and resource usage. It is just 20 MB in size, compared to 180 MB for the official app.

Of course, that is not the main reason to use Sblack. Here is what the dark mode looks like in Sblack:

Sblack - Slack Dark Mode

The app looks great with macOS Mojave’s dark mode.

The app supports almost all of Slack’s main features like messages, channels, app integrations, multiple workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, in-line URL previews and GIF playback. There are also some additional customization options available in the app like various font sizes, spell checker, a menu bar icon and more. The app also lets you switch the theme between dark and light modes manually. It doesn’t switch automatically based on your global theme in macOS Mojave’s settings.

Sblack - Slack Dark Mode macOS

In case you are concerned, that app uses Slack’s own login so security is not an issue.

The app is available for free so if you are a Mac user who regularly uses Slack, gives Sblack a try.

Download Sblack

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