Factory unlocked/Sim-free iPhones XS & iPhone XR available on launch day

The world is without a doubt excited for new iPhones coming out in a few days. Apple said that they’ve brought more carriers on-board than ever before. The question remains, will you be able to buy a factory unlocked iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max on Day 1? The answer is, yes.

iPhone Xs video

Sim-free iPhone XS and iPhone XR

While iPhones started off as being carrier exclusives with unlocked versions rolling out shortly after, Apple has gotten a liking to the unlocked market, especially with their expansion to China, where their phones have been a booming success. During the event, Apple spoke about the wide availability of carriers around the world for consumers to buy new iPhones from. Some people prefer buying iPhones through carrier contracts which have easy payment plans but there are still consumers who prefer buying the new iPhone without a contract.

Fortunately, according to Apple’s pre-order pages, you can buy unlocked iPhones on the same date as the contract based iPhones. What makes the deal even better is the ability to pay the same price as the contract phones, with no premium on top! While the benefits of an unlocked phone are numerous, an unlocked Dual SIM phone like the iPhone XS Max is a high-end productivity tool for the frequently traveling businessmen of today.

You can help fund your purchase by availing Apple’s Giveback scheme where your phone can be bought back by Apple for as high as $625! So if you are looking to trade in an older iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, now is the time to turn it in for some additional funds towards your next big iPhone purchase!

AppleCare+ for iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Apple also throws in their AppleCare+ warranty plans for all kinds of consumers, with two different 2-year plans this year. New this year is theft and loss protection, which bumps up the cost for AppleCare+ to $299 or $14.99/month. This is an exceptional deal for insuring your premium flagship phone, specially if you have an Apple Store in your country. Buyers can still opt for the basic AppleCare+ package for $199 or $9.99/month.

Apple Care Plans

With all these benefits in mind, what’s stopping you from ordering this mighty behemoth of a phone? Let us know in the comments section below which phone you’ll be getting when pre-orders go live!