Facebook is bringing music to Stories and user profiles

Facebook is adding a number of new music related features to its website and apps. The company is adding Music to Facebook Stories, expanding their Lip Sync Live feature and adding the ability to add songs to profiles.

Facebook recognizes that music and social media content go hand-in-hand. The viral success of TikTok is one of the prime examples of this so Facebook is also looking to get on the bandwagon by introducing music to their social media platform. The company intends to allow users to get creative and find new and ways to express themselves with music.

Lip Sync Live was a good way to engage with audiences if users wanted to add some creativity to their Facebook Live content. The feature is now expanding by allowing users to add music to their photos and videos after capture. All users need to do is select the Music Sticker from Stickers, when creating a story. Here’s how it works:

Music on Facebook Stories

Posted by Facebook on Monday, October 22, 2018

Facebook is also making Lip Sync Live available in more countries and offering a bigger track list which includes recent hits like Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”, Khalid’s “Better”, and “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5. The company plans to add more songs to this list.

Facebook Music on your Profile

The social media giant also announced plans to allow users to have their favorite music clip play when someone opens their profile. The song’s title and artist name will be listed on the user’s profile, allowing other users to add it to their own profile with a few taps.

Adding Music to your Profile

This might be a good feature for Facebook users as music connects all generations regardless of age and language. The idea is akin to what MySpace did back in its prime. Now, the idea is relevant with greater access to music content digitally thanks to apps like Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music and more.

The feature is live in select countries, and will be rolling out steadily for more countries and regions in the coming weeks.