Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android

Facebook has included a hidden new dark mode in Messenger for iOS and Android. The dark mode can be enabled by using the moon emoji in a chat message, and works for both iOS and Android. Here is how you can enable it on your iOS device.

Messenger Dark Mode

How to enable Dark Mode in Messenger

Before you proceed, make sure that you have the latest Messenger app on your iOS or Android device.

  1. Open Messenger and send theĀ ????emoji to any contact.
  2. You will see a message pop-up: ‘Manage dark mode in Settings’
  3. Head over to settings and a new Dark Mode toggle will be visible. Turn this on to switch to dark mode.


Messenger Dark Mode

This is how the dark mode will look like on iPhone. The theme is not just dark, it’s black and looks nice on iPhone X’s OLED display. However, I personally prefer the dark mode that Twitter or Tweetbot offer, which isn’t completely black.

Messenger Dark Mode iOS

While third party apps like YouTube, Reddit, Apollo, Tweetbot, Twitter and the likes have been including their own dark mode implementations, it is expected that Apple will be officially include Dark Mode in iOS 13. Just like macOS Mojave, it should mean that all built-in apps will have a dark theme, and Apple will provide a global toggle to switch between light and dark themes. Developers will also have access to dark controls to use in their apps, and would be able to setup their apps to support the global dark theme.

Facebook had recently redesigned Messenger to be less cluttered. It is debatable whether they achieved their goal or not, as WhatsApp still looks better and cleaner. Let’s hope that Instagram, WhatsApp and the official Facebook app also have dark modes in progress.

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