Download macOS Mojave wallpapers

Apple has released the latest major update to its popular desktop operating system in the form of macOS Mojave. In terms of cosmetic updates, this is one of the biggest changes in many years to macOS. Features like Dark Mode, Dynamic Wallpapers and new accent colors allow for greater personalization than was possible before. For an operating system that doesn’t tinker with its design much or provide many customization features, these few additions are a big deal and should satisfy most users who love to personalize their computers. As per tradition, macOS Mojave also ships with some new wallpapers, along with the dynamic ones, so we have created a collection for you to download them in HD and 5K resolutions.

Mojave Day

macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper

The new Dynamic Wallpaper feature in macOS Mojave only has two options for now: Mojave and Solar Gradients. These dynamic wallpapers, which are in .heic file format, change throughout the day, based on your time and location. I have been using Mojave as my desktop background and it goes really well with the new Dark Mode.

Download macOS Mojave static wallpapers

The wallpapers in the gallery below all have HD resolution i.e. 1920×1080. Not all of them are new to macOS Mojave, as Apple has kept older macOS wallpapers too. To use them as wallpapers, just open them in a new window and download the full sized image. On a Mac, right click the image and click on Set Desktop Picture.¬†If you’re on Windows, right click the image and click on Set as desktop background. These wallpapers also look nice on smartphones and tablets.

If you have a high resolution display on your Mac or Laptop and want to use the 5K resolution variants of these wallpapers instead, you can download them from this Google Drive link. These are untouched full resolution images, but note that they have huge file sizes.

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