Download iOS 13 IPSW files for iPhone

Apple has finally released the final version of iOS 13 to iPhone users. Here are all the iOS 13 IPSW files for iPhone that you can download to update your device manually using iTunes.

iOS 13

iOS 13 has a number of new features which include a system-wide dark mode, an revamped share menu, redesigned Photos and Reminders apps, updated Maps, Sir Shortcuts and Messages apps, new video and photo editing tools and much more. Apple has also doubled down on security and privacy and introduced a new ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature that developers can use to let you sign in with your Apple ID, while keeping your data secure and private. iOS 13 also gives users more control over how apps can access location data, whether its via GPS or Bluetooth.

Other noticeable new features include Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming subscription service. A QuickType keyboard brings the swipe keyboard experience to iOS. Performance improvements are also part of this update with 30% faster Face ID and 2x faster app launch speeds.

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Apple has broken down iOS into iOS for iPhone and iPod touch, and iPadOS for iPad, with this update. This means that the operating system updates will have some unique features that make them more different than similar. However, there are still far too many similarities between both to actually consider them standalone operating systems. Both have the same design language, APIs, user experiences and much more. There are some differences like home-screen widgets, multitasking and picture-in-picture. iOS users can take advantage of the same desktop class browsing experience that iPadOS users will get so iPhone users wont feel left out.

Download iOS 13 IPSW firmware files

You can always update your iOS device by going to Settings > General > Software Update. However, if you want to do a clean upgrade, you need to download the appropriate firmware file for your device and restore it using iTunes on Windows or Mac.

Here are the links to download the iOS 13 firmware for iPhones. Apple has not yet released the update for iPod touch 7th generation model, which is the only iPod touch supported by this release.

Even though iOS 13 is out, it is known to have some bugs which would be fixed by iOS 13.1. This update will be out on September 24, along with iPadOS so you might want to wait for that. Due to updates to iCloud, if you upgrade to iOS 13, your notes, reminders and other iCloud based content might not sync with your iOS 12 based iPad, so keep that in mind before upgrading.