Crazy Rich Asians director shoots short film using iPhone XS Max

Crazy Rich Asians was recently released and was a great box office hit for fans of the 2013 book. It seems that the the director of the film, Jon M. Chu, in collaboration with WIRED, has taken a new mission on his directorial journey by making a short-film shot exclusively on iPhone XS Max.

Crazy Rich Asians director shoots short film using iPhone XS Max

The true marvel of the venture stems from the short-film being recorded in handheld mode, without any additional equipment to stabilize the shots or add any additional form of lighting. A computer was used to edit the footage, but we see another feat achieved here as no post-production methods were applied to the finished product.

To record the film, Jon only used the native camera app and the built-in stabilizer. As he stated, his shots required a lot of movement and the iPhone XS Max managed to exceed his expectations.

Jon said:

“I’m moving around a lot, and the focus was adjusting as I was moving, but it was finding the subject really well,” he says. “There’s a shot at the end where I’m rushing toward the garage–that’s using the built-in stabilizers. It’s pretty smooth.”

You can see the two-minute long film below, which shows us the dance rehearsal of Luigi Rosado, a renowned dancer who has performed in Hollywood films such as Now You See Me 2, several of the Step Up Movies, and Footloose.

The final shot takes place with him running into the garage lit up with fluorescent lights, and you can see the fixed focus of the iPhone XS Max does a superb job of making sure stability and focus are maintained throughout the recording experience, allowing for a great finale.

Jon has expressed significant satisfaction from using the phone as he has proclaimed that the experience has made him want to trade up his iPhone X to the iPhone XS Max. He also explained that the phone captured all the colors with great detail and how the real-world colors of the garage were as elegant on the screen as they were on the interior of the garage.

While the new camera was one of the bigger highlights of the Apple Event, to have a film director not only vouch but also deliver an exceptional short-film made from said product is the ultimate showcase.