Cloudflare’s app brings its fast DNS service to iOS and Android

Cloudflare has launched apps for iOS and Android to allow users to use its fast DNS servers on their smartphones and tablets. Cloudflare is one of the biggest content delivery networks in the world therefore they have a huge network which provides fast and secure DNS access with It is easy to use it on a Mac or Windows PC but users on cellular networks cannot easily update their DNS settings. This is where Cloudflare’s app comes in.

Cloudflare app


Here is why you would want to use to speed up your Internet:

  • It is faster than any other DNS service out there, even Google’s. Cloudflare has benchmarked it to be 28% faster than everyone else.
  • Security and privacy are guaranteed. Unlike other services which use every bit of data to profile you and serve you ads, is completely private and does not log any user data, including IP addresses. The company is not in the business to capture and sell private user data. To ensure privacy, Cloudflare is audited every year by third-party firms to verify the claims.

Due to limitations of mobile operating systems, app sets up a local VPN network so that all DNS queries are resolved by Cloudflare’s service. This might seem a little inconvenient as the VPN security icon is always visible when you use the app (unless you are on iPhone X and above, because it annoyingly hides the VPN icon).

Setting up the app is extremely simple. Download it from the relevant store and install the VPN profile, which is a one-time process. After that, turn on the toggle in the app to start using as your DNS resolver. is worth a try. It’s completely free, with no ads or privacy concerns and gives you a noticeable Internet speed boost. Thanks to the app, it can be used on iOS and Android devices, on both cellular and WiFi networks.

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