Cloudflare unveils free VPN service called Warp

Cloudflare has announced a new VPN service called Warp which will be available in its DNS app for iOS and Android. The VPN service will be available for free and will provide increased performance and security by utilizing Cloudflare’s massive network.

Warp by Cloudflare

Cloudflare launched their DNS service,, back in November 2018. It is one of the fastest DNS services around the world – 28% faster than the competition. Security and privacy are the pillar features of and no data is leaked or utilized for ads or marketing. Cloudflare also released apps for iOS and Android to allow users to use the DNS service on their devices. Warp will be a part of this same app.

Warp is also based around two principles: security and faster performance.

In terms of security, Warp will encrypt connections between devices and Cloudflare’s network. It will also respect end-to-end encryption of all apps and services. If there’s any unencrypted data, Warp will use Cloudflare’s network to compress it to improve performance.

For performance, Warp will utilize Cloudflare’s huge network to quickly connect users to their favorite websites. Even users on slow cellular networks will see improvements in performance. Reliability will also be improved, thanks to Warp’s UDP-based protocol which will help it recover faster from network or data loss. The service will also use WireGuard, a modern VPN protocol, which will help with efficient battery life on devices.

In terms of user privacy, Cloudflare assures that they will be applying the same data protection measures to Warp that they already implement with

1. We don’t write user-identifiable log data to disk;

2. We will never sell your browsing data or use it in any way to target you with advertising data;

3. Don’t need to provide any personal information — not your name, phone number, or email address — in order to use the App with Warp; and

4. We will regularly hire outside auditors to ensure we’re living up to these promises.

A paid version of the service, Warp+, will also be launched later, which will take advantage of Cloudflare’s virtual private backbone and Argo smart routing. The paid version of the service will be much faster thanks to Argo.

Warp is invite only for now. Users can register for the waiting list by opening the app on their iOS or Android device. Cloudflare will start sending invites in a few weeks and all users will get their invites before July. The service is only for smartphones for now but desktop apps will be released in the near future.

Although there are many free and paid VPN services available in App Store and Google Play Store, most of them are not trust worthy. You never know if your data is secure or not. With Cloudflare, the benefit is that users will be using a VPN product from a reliable company, which not only promises security, but also has a lot of experience to back up their claims of performance improvements and service reliability.