Chrome gets a dark mode for Mac and Windows in latest Canary build

Google is working on a dark mode for Chrome, which will work with both macOS Mojave and Windows 10. The update is currently a work in progress and has been included in the latest Canary builds of Chrome.  Here’s how you can get Chrome canary build on your computer to use the new dark mode. 

So far, users had to download the Material Dark theme or other themes to use a dark mode in Google Chrome. Other browsers like Safari, Firefox and Edge have had dark themes since some time now. Even Microsoft Office got a dark mode before Google Chrome. Although Google is finally working on bringing the dark theme to Chrome, it is in its early stages of development and still requires some bug fixes and polishing.

Chome dark mode

Canary builds are basically nightly builds for Chrome browser. They have cutting edge features and technology and not to be used as daily drivers due to possible bugs. However, if you are a tech enthusiast, which is probably why you’re here, you can download the Canary build and start using the new dark mode. Note that Chrome Canary build installs as a separate app and does not overwrite your usual Chrome installation. Data is also not shared between the two unless you sign in with the same Google ID on both browsers.

You don’t need to enable any flag or hidden parameter to use the dark theme. In macOS Mojave, Chrome automatically switches to the dark theme, based on your global Mac theme. Though I haven’t tested this, the same should happen on Windows 10 too.

The biggest question that everyone had was that Incognito windows already show a dark theme, so how would they look when Chrome gets a dark makeover? Well, we have an answer now. Chrome just shows Incognito on the to right, instead of changing the color of the window.

Chrome incognito with dark theme

Places like the new tab screen and apps screen show some areas where text is not rendered properly yet. Text appears with a dark font color, which makes it unreadable. Google will likely fix this in upcoming Canary builds.Chrome dark theme with website icons

Chrome apps dark theme

Settings, Bookmarks and Downloads still have a bright look and feel. It will be interesting to see how Google will tackle these screens.

Chrome settings in darkmode

Considering that this dark theme is already in Canary builds, we expect it to be available to all Chrome users in a few months.