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Comparing apps: Google News and Apple News

Google announced a major design and feature update to their News app for web, iOS and Android at Google I/O 2018. Google News now sports a brand-new Material Design, a newsstand for news and magazine subscriptions, AI based news recommendations with features like Newscasts and Full Coverage and more. This new Google News app replaces the old Google Play Newstand and News & Weather apps. Apple had …

Dank is a beautiful new Reddit app for Android with a gestures based interface

Dank is a unique new Reddit app which breaks away from the cookie cutter templates and design guidelines that Material Design inspired apps mostly use. The app has its own delightful animations, gestures and user interface quirks. Dank is building towards a good hefty feature set – it currently supports fast media playback and viewing, for videos and images respectively, as well as inline comment replies, …

Using Gmail Offline in Google Chrome without an app

With its new Gmail redesign, Google has introduced a number of new features including Smart Compose, Confidential Mode and revamped Offline Mail feature. While Gmail already had an offline feature, it required an app to be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. The new Gmail offline feature works without a Chrome app, however it still requires Chrome to work. Go figure.

How to use Gmail’s new confidential emails feature

Google has introduced a number of new features in their new Gmail update, including Offline mail, Smart Compose and a new Confidential Mode. As the name suggests, confidential mode is used for sharing sensitive information via email. Emails protected with this feature cannot be forwarded, downloaded or printed and their contents cannot be copy pasted either.

How to enable new Gmail for free Google Apps accounts

Google released a major design update for Gmail a few weeks back. The new update has a number of improvements like a sleek redesign, new snooze functionality, smart replies, offline mail, confidential email mode for sensitive information, integrated apps for Calendar, Tasks and Keep, and much more. Google rolled out the new Gmail to users globally a few weeks back. Paid Google Apps users also received …