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2021 iPhone will ship with both Face ID and Touch ID

Apple will launch 2021 iPhone with both Face ID and full-screen display Touch ID, as per a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This would be a departure from Apple’s current stance where all high-end iOS devices are moving to Face ID, while Touch ID is used on Macs and low-end iOS devices. If the report is correct, Apple would use ultrasonic sensing for full-display …

Slack’s new app for Mac is 33% faster & consumes 50% less memory

Slack has released a new update to their desktop app for Mac and Windows which brings about major performance improvements. The app should load up to 33% faster, connect to calls 10 times faster and consume 50% less memory than before. It will also provide a better offline experience by caching recently viewed conversations and channels and making them readable when network connectivity is interrupted.

Transfer data wirelessly from old iPhone to new iPhone with migration tool in iOS 12.4

Apple has released a new feature with iOS 12.4 called iPhone migration. This tool lets users transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, wirelessly or with a cable. This migration works similar to restoring data from iCloud or iTunes, except that the data is transferred directly between devices. Here is how you can use iPhone migration to transfer data to your new …