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Spotify Apple Watch app is now available for all users

Spotify’s Apple Watch app is finally making its way to all users. After some time in beta testing, and many years of customer requests, Spotify’s app will finally be available for Apple Watch users, allowing them to control their music right from their wrist. The app supports basic features like music playback, speaker output control, shuffle, recently played listing and more. 

Enable ECG on Apple Watch Series 4 outside United States

One of the most amazing features in Apple Watch Series 4 is undeniably the ability to take Electrocardiogram (ECG) right from the wrist. This feature has the potential to save lives. However, as with all medical equipment and technology, approvals from regional health authorities are required. So far, Apple only has regulatory approval from the FDA in the United States.

Apple Watch Series 4 smokes older models in speed test

Apple Watch Series 4 is the biggest update to the product since the original model was launched. Not only does it have amazing new health focused features like ECG, fall detection and improved workouts, it also has faster internals. An S4 dual-core processor with 64-bit powers the Series 4. As per Apple, it is twice as fast as S3, which powered Apple Watch Series 3. To test …

New workout and activity features in Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 has completely changed the world of health wearables. The new watch carried over all the features of its predecessors, but the addition of an Electrocardiogram, that can be carried out on your wrist through the digital crown, definitely shook the ground under the competitor’s feet. With addition of fall detection, which automatically alerts emergency services and loved ones, if the wearer …

Apple Watch gets watchOS 5.0.1 update with Activity Ring fixes

watchOS 5.0.1 is now available for Apple Watch Series 1 and above, with a fix for Activity Rings, charging The update is available just over a week after watchOS 5 was released to the public with a number of major new updates like an improved Siri watch face, support for Siri Shortcuts, Walkie-Talkie, Podcasts app, grouped notifications, Activity competitions, automatic Workout detections and more.

How fall detection works in Apple Watch Series 4

Although Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the highlights of the Apple Watch Series 4 reveal, there is another feature that was shown on stage which can equally save lives. Fall detection is made for situations where the watch detects that the wearer has fallen down and cannot get up. If the watch detects that there’s an emergency, it automatically contacts relevant authorities and medical services …