Behind the scenes videos of the making of new faces for Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is the latest entry in the wearable line of Apple. The previous iterations of the watch focused on health and work-out routines, and Series 4 has added to this formula by introducing a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) which is a complete game-changer in the world of smartwatches. There are also 3 new watch faces, exclusive to Series 4, which have been created by recording videos of actual fire, water and vapor.

Some of the few watch faces of Apple Watch Series 4

While the new features earned a great round of applause from the audience, the new watch faces also show a lot of promise, and will truly make your new Apple Watch stand-out if you plan on buying it. There are plenty of options to choose from, including two exclusive watch faces that are only available on Hermès and Nike variants, but the ones Apple provides out of the box for all Series 4 models are truly out of this world.

If you were wondering about the look of the new watch fire, water and vapor faces, you might be pleasantly surprised. The true magic of Apple’s ingenuity comes from the behind-the-scenes making video of these faces. Here is the exclusive video by Cool hunting:

The watch faces are truly brought to life thanks to the large displays on Apple Watch Series 4. While they looked like computer generated graphics, but this behind the scenes video shows the lengths Apple is willing to go. Seeing them in fluid motion truly makes you appreciate the work that went in creating them. While animated watch faces are a common place, the lengths that Apple took to creating these watch faces is truly commendable and truly a work of art.

As per Alan Dye, Vice President of User Interface Design at Apple:

it’s more of a story about the design team. We could have done this digitally, but we shot this all in a studio. It’s so indicative of how the design team works—bringing our best and varied talents together to create these faces.

Much like the wallpapers for iPhone XS, XS Max and the iPhone XR, you are getting a tailored product with lots of artistic effort put into it. The new watch faces are exclusive to Apple Watch Series 4, along with features like ECG, larger displays, louder speaker and more.

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