Apple’s usage of recycled materials increases with 2018 iPhones

In a world where pollution is on the rise, companies are adopting new practices to reduce their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. As a start, the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California is run entirely on solar power. During their September 2018 event, the company also revealed what it is doing to become eco-friendly with their products. The company wants to make sure that the products last longer and that recycling can be handled through proper techniques. Apple will be using recycled material in 2018 iPhones to help reduce mining for new materials, and recycle existing material.

A new way to recycle older iPhones

It was announced that 2018 iPhones will use recycled tin for the logic board, which alone will help stop the mining of 10,000 tonnes of tin ore per year. The speaker enclosure on the new iPhone XS is comprised of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, while the cover glass frame is made out of 32% bio-based plastic. This not only is better for the planet but also helps in increasing durability.

When older products were brought up, it was mentioned that iOS 12 will give even the iPhone 5S a breath of fresh air. Users are already reporting that iOS 12 making their older iPhones feel on-par with the latest flagships in terms of speed and responsiveness. This will encourage users who are on older devices to stay on their current devices for longer periods.

The last initiative that Apple mentioned was Apple Giveback. A program introduced recently where consumers can mail their current Apple product and have the company give back a value for it so users can either use it towards a new Apple Product purchase or just receive cash. If you agree to surrender your Apple product, it will be made into a usable state for another consumer otherwise it will be properly recycled. The recycling will be done for free and is another step the company is taking towards being eco-friendly.

Daisy helps take out parts that can be recycled from old iPhones

Recycling is accomplished with the help of Daisy, a sister to Liam. They’re both robotic arms capable of disassembling iPhone models where Daisy is now capable of disassembling 9 different iPhone models with utmost efficiency and speed. With her help, useful parts from iPhones can be used to make other iPhones usable once more as part of the Apple Giveback program.

With all of the commitment Apple has made toward recycling and implementing recycled products in their newest iPhones, do you think it will affect your purchase decision for the latest flagships? Let us know in the comments section below.