Apple’s September 10 event: 10.2-inch iPad, iPhone Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro and Apple Watch

Apple will be releasing a 10.2-inch iPad, updated iPad Pro models, iPhone Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro and Apple Watch updates at their 10th September event.

IPadOS homescreen iPad Pro

10.2-inch iPad

Taiwanese industry publication, Digitime, claimed that Apple will be launching a 10.2-inch iPad in September, this year. The alleged new 10.2-inch iPad will be released as a replacement of the current 9.7-inch iPad, which starts from $329. Digitime also shared that Apple is in lead in terms of unit shipment of iPad against shipments of tablets by Amazon, Samgsung, Lenovo. For now, there is little information regarding the appearance or specifications of the device, however, it is speculated that the bigger display of the new 10.2-inch iPad would mean slimmer bezels.

Although Digitime gave a vague launch date of “late third quarter”, Bloomberg confirmed the 10th September 2019 event as the precise launch date of the new device. Reputable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted a similar time frame of the release of the alleged 10.2-inch iPad. It is also known that Apple has filed multiple unreleased iPad models in a Eurasian regulatory database, which back up the claims by various publications.

Once Apple moves the entry level iPad to 10.2-inch, this would mark the end of 9.7-inch iPad size. This was the original screen size which the iPad was launched with.

iPad Pro

Apple will be launched updates to 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. These will keep the same design as current iPad Pro, but will ship with faster processors and dual-cameras (likely). 

iPhone Pro

Apple will be launching 3 new iPhone models with powerful A13 processor, with a new AMX math co-processor which would take the workload off the main processor. iPhone ‘Pro’ will be the name of the successor to iPhone XS and XS Max, while iPhone XR’s successor’s name isn’t confirmed if it’ll change. The new iPhone Pro models, for the first time, would have a triple lens camera system, with a new wide angle lens being the new addition. The new iPhone XR will get a second lens with optical zoom. Along with better still photo capture in low-light conditions, the new iPhones will also support improved video capture. The performance and camera combination on these devices will allow users to apply effects and various edits while recording a video. Apple’s phones are already ahead of the competition in terms of video capture and this would further push their lead. For still photos, the new iPhone Pro models will allow re-framing photos after capture, thanks to the 3-lens camera system.

A multi-angle Face ID sensor on these new iPhones will allow authentication to work even when the device is kept flat on a surface. The new iPhones would also ship with shatter-resistance technology to prevent damage when dropped. Apple will also include 2-way charging in these new phones so that you can wirelessly charge your AirPods through your iPhone.

The design will be similar to current generation iPhone so don’t expect a major visual refresh. The new OLED displays on these devices will not have 3D touch as Apple is replacing it with Haptic touch. The water proofing on these new devices will also be much improved, allowing them to be submerged for more than 30 minutes.

16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple will be launch a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with thin bezels. As we previously speculated, Apple will take a leaf out of their other product lines, where they will reduce the bezel size of the display but make the display larger. This means that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will have the same physical profile as 15-inch MacBook Pro, or even less. We expect Apple to use this MacBook Pro to launch the next-generation design for their portable Macs.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 was a major update to Apple’s popular wearables. However, Series 5 will be a minor upgrade. New models will be launched which will use ceramic and titanium as materials. This will likely mean price cuts for Series 4, which should encourage more people to upgrade.

AirPods and HomePod mini

For 2020, Apple is working on new AirPods which will ship with noise cancellation and water resistance. Hopefully, these will also have better sound quality.

A cheaper HomePod will also be launched next year. Apple will reduce the prices by cutting down the number of tweeters to 2 instead of 7, which the current HomePod has.

via Bloomberg

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