Apple’s Chinese New Year video highlights Smart HDR on iPhone XS

Apple has posted a new video on YouTube titled ‘The lens of Love by Jia Zhangke’. The video was published on Chinese New Year and highlights the use of Smart HDR in iPhone XS. Renowned director Jia Zhangke explains how Smart HDR helped him create emotions and feelings connected with  a person’s visit to their hometown during Chinese New Year by accentuating details like highlights and shadows. As a continuation of Apple’s short film ‘The Bucket’ on Chinese New Year, this video elaborates Zhangke’s use of Smart HDR as a creative tool to add texture to photos.

Apple Chinese New Year videos

The video, zooming out from the waves created by a moving passengers’ boat, starts with Zhangke’s monologue on his intent to focus on the details of various settings to create an emotional visual aid for a heart touching impact on viewers in ‘Chinese New Year- The Bucket’ video. He further adds that Smart HDR added texture to photos to deliver the intended effects.

The fast and powerful A12 Bionic Chip in iPhone XS allows photos taken by iPhoneXS to have better color accuracy and depth by accentuating highlights and shadows. This feature makes iPhone XS an impressive device to capture moments and create memories. iPhone XR also ships with the same A12 chip, thus, has the Smart HDR feature.

Recently uploaded on Apple’s YouTube channel, both Chinese New Year themed videos have over 8 million views. ‘Chinese New Year- The Bucket’ is an emotional depiction of a mother’s love and care that goes into a son’s gift who is going back to the city after celebrating Chinese New year. One can not help but applaud the cinematography which communicates the emotions behind a mother’s carefully packed eggs for her son to enjoy in the city after a long journey. As a viewer, I was not only touched by the concept but also amazed that the short film was shot entirely on the new iPhone XS.

Watch the short film here:

Jia Zhangke’s video added more meaning to iPhone XS’ ability to capture touching moments and create memories for a lifetime using Smart HDR: