AppleCare+ for iPhone gets Theft and Loss plan and monthly payments

Alongside the new line of iPhones revealed, Apple has rolled out a new AppleCare plan for all phones that it sells. The new plan is titled AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss which, as the name suggests, provides theft and loss coverage, at a higher price. Apple has also introduced monthly payment plans for both AppleCare+ options, which should attract more users.

These are the updated AppleCare+ plans on Apple’s website:The Apple Care+ Plans Compared

You can see that a $100 extra gives you theft and loss coverage for all iPhone models. There are of course pre-set deductibles set up should a theft or loss incident occur, which Apple has stipulated in the paragraph below the table.

The gist of the table is:

  • AppleCare+ consumers get 24/7 priority to Apple Support
  • You only have to pay a service fee of $29 for replacing a broken screen
  • $99 service fee if there is other damage to other parts of the phone, like the body, camera etc
  • If you happen to lose your iPhone to theft or otherwise, you will have to pay

There is a big caveat to the AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss plan that requires Find my iPhone enabled at the time of the claim. This is something you should have enabled on your device anyway, but just in case you are going to avail the facility, make sure you always keep it on.

Keep in mind, the above claims are only good for up to 2 incidents of each instance, so if you plan on being a regular customer at claiming AppleCare+ on your phone because you’re clumsy, you’re gonna have a bad time.

The complimentary warranty that comes with Apple products is only limited to a year and has a lot of stipulations to it, none of which will offer you the additional benefits of AppleCare+. You will most likely have to pay Apple for or seek support of third-party vendors or solutions, should anything happen after the 1 year warranty expires.

If you are able to afford the plans, especially with the new flagships as your intended product of purchase, AppleCare+ definitely sounds like your go-to solution for avoiding any sort of hassle that can otherwise cause you a world of inconvenience should the worst happen to your phone.

Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on AppleCare+ and if there is enough here to warrant you availing the service.