Apple working on products that will “blow you away” – Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has assured investors and shareholders that new upcoming products will ‘blow them away’. Speaking at the company’s general annual meeting in Cupertino, California, Cook confirmed that revenue generation from services is estimated to double by 2020 from $25 billion in 2016. Optimistically, he added that “fantastic” expansion of Apple Watch and AirPods product line-up is in the offing. He also said that Apple’s eventual aim is to lower the price of MacBook Air from $1200 and offer high resolution screen in future units.


The board was told that Apple acquired eighteen companies in 2018 and is currently on the lookout for more profitable acquisitions. By the end of the meeting, it was recorded that Apple’s shares rose by 1 percent. The increase may indicate investor’s and shareholder’s confidence in the company’s future plans for expansion and growth.

As a lot of rumors are making rounds in the market just before Apple’s March event, we have covered many of the products and plans which Cook talked about during the meeting. Cook told the board that the company’s focus is on growth and sales of services and devices like Apple Watch and AirPods which gives confirmation to reports regarding those products. As speculated, he also mentioned new health features for next generation Apple Watch.

The company’s privacy policy was also discussed in detail. The board was informed that Apple not only protects its user’s privacy, but also pursues regulations against building user data profiles. Members commended the company’s work ethics with the government despite having opposing views from the Trump administration. At the end of the meeting, the current board was re-elected, which includes Tim Cook, Al Gore (former US Vice President) and Bob Iger (CEO Walt Disney).

via Bloomberg

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