New workout and activity features in Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 has completely changed the world of health wearables. The new watch carried over all the features of its predecessors, but the addition of an Electrocardiogram, that can be carried out on your wrist through the digital crown, definitely shook the ground under the competitor’s feet. With addition of fall detection, which automatically alerts emergency services and loved ones, if the wearer is in potential danger, Apple Watch has become a potentially life saving gadget. With all these new features and superb additions to the wearable, the watch is still centered around working out and health. Let’s take a look at how the Apple Watch Series 4 is beneficial for working out and helping the wearer with their activities.

Apple Watch Series 4 Activity

Workout features in Apple Watch Series 4

  • Meeting your goals: You can set the Apple Watch Series 4 to fit in Yoga and Hiking. You can create custom regiments that help you burn calories, measure time, and other values to help you reach your goals when working out.
  • Keep running: The new pace alert keeps you notified regarding daily running goals. With the help of the new cadence metric, you can now see your steps per minute, while rolling miles let you see splits for the previous miles at any time.
  • Smart Gym: If you own a piece of gym equipment capable of pairing with Apple Watch Series 4, it can help you keep track of essential metrics like speed, heart rate and calories, synced between your watch and workout equipment. This is especially useful for equipment like treadmill or stationary bike.
  • Automatic Detection: If you forget to manually trigger your workout, the watch will automatically detect increase in movement and alert you to start the Workout app. It will also add your readings that weren’t recorded when the app wasn’t started. Similarly, the app also sends a ping to end the workout when it detects reduced motion.
  • Fear no liquid: Whether you’re in the swimming pool, rain begins pouring in during your jog, or you sweat profusely, Apple Watch Series 4 is your ideal workout buddy even when water is present. Waterproof for up to 50 meters, the watch can even track your swimming activities. Even if you get water in the speaker,¬†you can impress friends by using the digital crown to eject water out using sound vibrations.
  • Putting a face on: With the ability to fit in 8 complications, there is a plenty of room to show your workout data. You can add weather, music, heart rate, and other complications to the watch faces to save you time on opening apps.
  • Podcasts on the GO: If you’re one to listen to Podcasts on the go, the new Podcast app lets you stream your favorite podcasts from your wrist if you’re not in the mood for music.
  • Third-Party Support: If you prefer a different workout app or want to carry over your data from a prior third-party workout app to the new one, you can now do so. With Nike Training Club, Swing Tennis Tracker, and Dawn Patrol offering versatility in exercise routines by measuring what the Apple Watch can’t such as surfing, tennis, and more, you still get calories tracked, and workouts rewarded for meeting your daily goals in the Workout app.

Apple Watch Series 4 workout

Activity features in Apple Watch Series 4

  • Tracking your daily activities: To start off, the watch still shows you all the run of the mill metrics you need to measure your performance throughout the day. This includes your movement, exercise and time spent standing. All 3 elements are crucial for the perfect workout regiment and help motivate you to achieve your daily goal before the day ends.
    • Movement ring keeps count of your calories burned, whether you’re walking inside the office or doing your morning jog.
    • Exercise ring tells you time spent on brisk workouts. Whether you’re hitting the gym equipment or just on the treadmill.
    • Standing ring alerts you when you’ve been sitting for extended periods and encourages you to stretch your legs by taking a walk.
  • Competition: There’s nothing like a little healthy competition between friends to help get you out of the bed and in to the gym. Made a new personal time record on a track? Share it with your friends instantly from the watch and invite a friend to compete against you in a seven-day competition. You can compete again each other by racking up score earned by working out and closing those activity rings. As the competition draws to the close, the Watch will give you a live score feed between you and your friend. You will also get motivational nudges from the watch to reach your goal needed to win the competition.
  • Awards: Earn trophies in Apple Watch Series 4 by winning against a friend in a competition. This is located within the Activity app, under the Awards tab.