Apple Watch Series 4 smokes older models in speed test

Apple Watch Series 4 is the biggest update to the product since the original model was launched. Not only does it have amazing new health focused features like ECGfall detection and improved workouts, it also has faster internals. An S4 dual-core processor with 64-bit powers the Series 4. As per Apple, it is twice as fast as S3, which powered Apple Watch Series 3. To test these claims, Series 4 was compared against all older models by MacRumors, to see whether it is as fast as Apple claims it to be. Spoiler: the results are exactly what the article title suggests.

Apple Watch Series 4

MacRumors put Apple Watch Series 4 and older models through the following tests:

  • Boot timings
  • Siri response time
  • App launch timings

Apart from boot timings, the rest of the tests are perhaps the most common use cases for most users. Ideally, users should not have to boot their watch often, unless they run out of battery charge. Almost in all tests, Series 4 destroyed the older watch models. Series 0, which does not support watchOS 5, was the slowest in all tests, taking as long as 5 minutes to boot up. In Siri response times, Series 1 and Series 0 were too slow. During app launch testing, Series opened apps almost instantaneously. The test included both built-in apps as well as third-party apps. Series 4 opened Dark Sky right away, while Series 3 showed the dreaded loading animation that has plagued apps since the original Apple Watch. Predictably, older models were even slower.

While these test are not scientific, and such comparisons don’t even need such complexity, they prove that the new watch is as fast as Apple claims it to be. For the first time since the original Apple Watch, it seems that third-party apps are worth using thanks to the noticeable speed boost. If you have been on the fence, trying to decide whether to upgrade to Series 4, it is a no-brainer. Not only is it faster, and has newer features, it also has a larger display and that itself make