Apple Watch Series 4 leak- larger display, redesigned watch faces & more

Apple Watch Series 4 has been leaked via some marketing material, similar to the iPhone XS leaks. The new watch will have a larger edge-to-edge display, a slimmer profile with thinner digital crown and flush side button, and redesigned watch faces to work with the extra screen real estate.

Resolutions bump in larger Apple Watch displays – September 30

Apple will be bumping up the resolution for the 42mm Apple Watch from 312×390 to 384×480, as per the newest report by 9to5mac. This will be accomplished due to the larger edge-to-edge OLED display and smaller bezels. The larger screen will allow devs to show more information. Cramming such high resolution in a small physical dimension will also mean that Apple will increase the pixel density of the display. 9to5mac predicts that the new display will have a pixel density of 345 PPI (pixels per inch). They tested using the watchOS simulator in Xcode and think that the difference will be similar to the below comparison:

Apple Watch 4 display density

Apple Watch Series 4 Leak – August 30

The leaks come via 9to5mac, and confirm the rumors surrounding the next-gen update to Apple’s popular smartwatch: thinner bezels and larger screens. The new watches will likely retain the same sizes i.e. 38mm and 42mm, and will work with existing watch bands and straps. It is possible that other accessories like wireless chargers and stands will also be compatible with the new watches.

Apple Watch Series 4

From the image, likely taken from Apple’s website, a golden Apple Watch can be seen with a thinner body. It is likely that Apple has managed to shrink the internals even further to achieve the thinner size. When compared to a current Series 3 watch, it is clear that the digital crown and side button are also slimmer than before. The digital crown also has a red ring, which is exclusive to Apple Watch Series 3 LTE models at the moment. However, the ring is hollow unlike Series 3 LTE watches. There also seems to be an additional new mic between the crown and button.

Despite the image leak, there are still many unknowns about the new watch. It is unclear whether Apple will sell it in at the same price as Series 3, or in the same variants and colors. It will like ship with Apple’s faster custom S4 processor. Series 3’s S3 processor was 70% faster than Series 2’s S2 processor, so expect another huge jump in performance. Whether Apple will include any newer types of health sensors in the Watch, or any watchOS 5 features that only work with it, we’ll find out soon.

This is going to be the first major design update for Apple Watch. Since launch, the screen size has remained the same, however, it has received continuous improvements over the years like increased brightness. The new Series 4 watch will be announced at Apple’s September 12 event, along with iPhone XS, new MacBook Air with Retina Display, upgraded Mac Mini, AirPower and other products.