Apple posts new Apple Watch Series 4 ad showcasing cellular connectivity

Flight is Apple’s new video ad for Apple Watch Series 4, which showcases cellular connectivity. Cellular connectivity in Apple Watch lets users make phone calls, send/receive texts messages and use cellular data, without carrying their iPhone with them.

Apple Watch Series 4

Released on the company’s YouTube channel, the ad shows a woman on a morning run with the watch on her wrist. She views directions on the watch and continues her run through a grassy and rough terrain with strong winds. As she is making her ascent on the hill, she is swept off and elevated to the clouds by a gush of wind. With a soft background music, she dances freely in the sky till she dives down into a lake surrounded by mountains to disconnect a call on her watch.

Renowned British director, Jonathan Glazer has used the runner’s flight and dance in the sky as an expression of freedom from cellular connectivity when using Apple Watch Series 4. The runner, Inka Titto, a world champion air dancer, twists and twirls in the air to embody the feeling of freedom and effortless movement.

Glazer has cleverly highlighted Apple Watch’s other features in the video as well. The Watch navigates Titto’s way through the running track, displays her goal and when she disconnects the call, while in water, it shows that the Watch is water proof.

To enjoy all these cellular features in Apple Watch Series 4, users have to pay extra per month. On average, users can expect to pay $10/month and above to access cellular data on their Apple Watch. The below disclaimer runs at the bottom of the screen in the beginning of the video to let how users can avail cellular freedom.

Requires iPhone 6 or later with the same service provider and additional data plan. Roaming excluded. Not available for all providers.