Apple Watch might use MicroLED display instead of OLED in 2020

Apple might be replacing OLED with MicroLED display in Apple Watch in 2020, as per reports from sources in the company’s supply chain. MicroLED would use less power, provide higher brightness and allow for thinner devices, however it has not been used in commercial products yet.

Apple Watch Series 4

As per Economic Daily News, two manufacturers have lined up to develop and assemble MicroLED displays for Apple. These manufacturers would be aiming to developer displays for Apple Watch, which would be released in 2020.

If the rumors are correct, this would be the next big display change for Apple, ever since they started using OLED in the first generation Apple Watch, which was later followed by iPhones. Apple was not the first one to adopt OLED panels in their devices however they have some of the best OLED displays in the market in Apple Watch and iPhone.

The benefit of using MicroLED over OLED is that the former is expected to be immune to burn-in issues and will also result in higher brightness and thinner displays. MicroLED will also reduce power consumption. However, the tech is very new and is costly to manufacture at the moment, which is not an issue with OLED.

Back in 2014, Apple had acquired a company called LuxVue, which was working on MicroLED displays. However, nothing has come out of it so far. Infact, competitors like Samsung have only showcased prototype hardware with MicroLED displays but have not shipped them in mass produced commercial products.

Despite moving to OLED for Apple Watch and iPhone, Apple is still using LED for MacBooks, iMacs and iPads. These devices have some of the best displays in the market. When Apple decides to switch to MicroLED for their devices, it would be only be when the tech meets the company’s standards and requirements for mass manufacturing.