Apple updates Clips app for iOS with camcorder effect and more

Apple has released a new update to its Clips app for iOS. The update includes a new camcorder filter as well as a number of new posters, effects and stickers. Support for importing music from Garageband and other apps is also included, along with ClassKit support to allow students to submit video assignments through the Schoolwork app.

Clips app iOS

Clips is a free video recording app for iOS and was launched back in 2017. It allows users to easily capture videos and add effects to them. The app features a simple timeline, which uses multi-touch gestures for manipulation. Users can easily add effects, filters, automatic subtitles, stickers and posters to their videos.

The app also takes advantage of the TrueDepth camera on iPhone X (and later) and iPad Pro, to capture ‘selfie scenes’ which are animated backgrounds that are added in the user’s background. Apple has included scenes from Star Wars, Finding Dory and Incredibles 2 amongst many others.

The new update includes a cool new camcorder filter which gives videos an old school look. This renders the apps useless which exist just to give you a VHS effect camera since Clips can do it for free. Other new features in this update include:

  • Ability to duplicate and rename projects.
  • Ability to share projects via AirDrop, email as well as save them to Files app or other cloud services.
  • ClassKit support which lets students submit video assignments via the Schoolwork app. Clips is used a lot by students in schools and this is a welcome addition.
  • Support for music import from Garageband and other music apps
  • New 8-bit and 3D-styled stickers
  • 3 new live title styles. These are styles for the automatic caption creation functionality in Clips. The app can now highlight words one by one as they are spoken!
  • 8 new posters including a classic camcorder screen and an animated globe to celebrate Earth Day.

Clips is a really intuitive app and the features that it offers for free are unmatched by other video capture and editing apps in its category. Not only does it help you be more creative, Clips also shows how powerful iOS devices have become to be able to support such video editing features without breaking a sweat.

Download Clips from App Store

P.S. if an old school timeline is more of your thing for video editing, you can always get iMovie for iOS, which is also free.