Apple shows off Group FaceTime in new ad using Elvis impersonators

Apple has released a new ad for Group FaceTime titled ‘A Little Company’. The ad shows Elvis impersonators from around the world singing There’s Always Me together, using Group FaceTime on their iPhones. Group FaceTime allows iOS devices and macOS to have audio and video calls with up to 32 people at a time, and this ad does a good job at showing off how it works seamlessly no matter where you are.

Group FaceTime ad

The ad has a slightly humorous feel thanks to the Elvis impersonators who are from different countries and have different accents. They are shown collaborating on the Elvis classic There’s Always Me.

Group FaceTime was originally announced for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave 10.14 at WWDC 2018. However, during beta testing, Apple removed it from builds and shared with testers that the feature will be released later in the year.

With the release of iOS 12.1, macOS Mojave 10.14.1 and watchOS 5.1, Apple released Group FaceTime for all users. Apple Watch gained the ability to participate in Group FaceTime audio calls, while iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac users can initiate and participate in both group video and audio calls.

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Group FaceTime is as simple to use as any other Apple app. When you start a FaceTime call, you can easily add more contacts to you group, up to 32 at a time. During the call, a tiled interface is shown. The tiles for participants who are speaking grows with their audio input, making it easy to focus on who is talking. The calls can still becoming a bit crowded if everyone speaks at the same time, but that’s something beyond the control of technology.

FaceTime has been one of the best audio and video calling services that is used by yours truly. Thanks to its security, seamless integration between iOS and macOS and exceptional video and audio quality, it is simply miles ahead of the competition, which includes Skype, Google Duo, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more. FaceTime is so good that if you have family and friends who are all in the Apple ecosystem, your reliance on cellular minutes goes down.