Apple sends invites for ‘It’s show time’ event on March 25

Apple has sent out invites for their March 25 event, titled ‘It’s show time’. The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at in Cupertino at 10:00 am. It is expected that Apple will announce their new video streaming and news subscription services. A number of product announcements which include 7th generation iPad, 5th generation iPad mini, 7th generation iPod touch, AirPower and AirPods 2 might also be part of the event. However, from the title of the event, it seems that focus will mostly be on the video streaming service.

Apple Event March 25

It had been rumored since some time that Apple will host anĀ event on March 25 to launch their new video streaming service, along with a news subscription service. Hollywood celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston and director JJ Abrams will also be attending this event. There have been news that Apple is spending a lot of money on content for their service and has a lot of big names onboard. This is the reason that Apple even extended AirPlay 2 to TVs.

Disney is also working on their own video streaming service, while Netflix and Amazon Prime already have a big audience and have been winning awards for their content. There are also the likes of HBO Go and other services with really good shows. Apple’s video streaming service will have a lot of competitors, unlike Apple Music which only has to compete against Spotify.

While there are a number of hardware product updates pending, it is unlikely that Apple will share these new service announcements with other products. They might announce the products via press releases right after the event or maybe just dedicate a few slides at the end of the event. This might also indicate that none of the hardware updates will be major. iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch are expected to receive mere spec bumps to improve their performance. iPad mini could use Apple Pencil support (and lower price), while iPod touch could really benefit from TouchID. These are the mostly likely upgrades that we can think of that Apple could deliver. We still expect the processors to be probably a generation old to save on price since none of these products sell for a lot of money. Apple would like to keep their margins high despite that.

Our excitement for Apple’s video service will depend on its availability first and content second. Hopefully, Apple will do what they did with Apple Music and go for a global launch. It will be interesting to know what Apple names their streaming service. The company is known for very simple and obvious service names like Music, News, Books and so on.

It is wishful thinking, but I hope Apple also makes an announcement for their rumored gaming subscription service. Let’s see if any of the announcements on March 25 blow us away.

Apple will be live streaming the event so you will be able to watch it on Mac, Windows, Apple TV and iOS devices. Apple TV users will have to install the Events app to watch the event, while users on other platforms can go to Apple’s website to watch the live stream.