Apple releases new ads showcasing iPhone features and privacy

Apple has released a number of new videos on YouTube recently. One of them is focused on iPhone’s focus on privacy ‘Privacy on iPhone — Private Side’ while the others are part of a series called ‘There’s more to iPhone’ and highlight features like Face ID and iOS 12’s performance improvements for older phones.

There's more to iPhone

Privacy on iPhone

Apple uses real life examples of people’s concern with regards to privacy to tell users that they should worry about privacy on their phone too. The video shows people trying to avoid others listening to their conversations, reading private documents, trespassing and more to show how important privacy is. There are some hilarious clips as well which show two guys at a urinal with one of them maintaining a large distance. The ad ends with the following lines:

If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.

Privacy. That’s iPhone.

Apple is known for their strict stance on privacy, which they have been talking about since some years now. Tim Cook has spoken openly in many interviews about how the company puts consumer privacy first. Every product and service that Apple builds has a focus on privacy, whether it’s through user permissions, or storing data on device where possible.

There’s more to iPhone

These are some minimalistic new ads that Apple UK has released as part of their ‘There’s more to iPhone‘ campaign. These show off different features and benefits of iPhone like Face ID, iOS 12 software update’s performance and smartphone recycling. The art style of these ads is really nice and uses text with monochromatic color scheme to deliver the messages.

The Face ID ad conveys that its does not store a photo of users but instead uses a mathematical representation for verification.

iOS 12 Software Update ad shows some speedy text racing around a track and conveys the message that it makes old iPhones faster.

The last ad shows that Apple recycles your smartphone, even if it’s not an iPhone.