Apple pulls iOS 12 beta 7 due to performance issues

Apple has pulled iOS 12 beta 7 developer preview due to performance issues. Released as an over-the-air update to developer beta testers, as well as an IPSW on Apple Developer Center, the new build resulted in users complaining in sluggishness through the operating system. Ultimately, this resulted in Apple removing the build as an OTA update, followed later by the removal of the IPSW from Developer Center Downloads. Due to the performance issues with the developer beta, a new iOS 12 public beta has not been released.

Most common symptoms of the performance issues include slow app launch, system freezes on lock screen and notification center. It is not clear what the reason was for the reported slowdowns. Users reported the issue even on latest devices like iPhone X. Some users shared that the issue resolved itself in a few minutes, while others said that a restart fixed the problem. Fortunately, I did not experience the issue on my iPhone X. Performance and battery life have been really good in my usage so far.

iOS 12 Beta 7 taken off

iOS 12 beta 6 along with beta 7 for macOS and watchOS in Developer Center

It is unfortunate that there have been some stumbles recently with iOS 12 test releases. While iOS 12 beta was off to a great start, with the best performance for a beta release in a long time, it has been causing more problems since beta 6. Battery drain and performance issues were being reported as increasingly common issues on different forums. To top off, Group FaceTime was removed from the latest beta release and pushed to a release later this fall. Let’s hope Apple is able to get the test release back on track.

It is expected that Apple will re-release the new build soon, along with a new public beta. Users who had already updated to beta 7 should stay on it and not downgrade. If you have an IPSW for beta 7 and planned to upgrade, it is best to hold on until further updates from Apple. It is likely that Apple will release the fixed beta 7 update soon which should roll out to all users, whether they were effected or not. We will keep you posted.

Update: Apple has released iOS 12 beta 8, rather than re-releasing a fixed version of beta 7.