Apple promotes privacy and Apple Watch customization in new videos

Apple has published new videos on YouTube which focus on privacy on iPhone and Apple Watch Series 4 customization. Two new Shot on iPhone XS videos were also released, one of which focuses on NHL stars, while the other one gives a glimpse into the Cuban surf community.

Ola Cubana iPhone XS
Shot on iPhone XS


The first video ad is titled Privacy on iPhone – The Answer. It shows a teenager searching online whether it’s time to start shaving and he gets an answer that it’s normal to start shaving at age 15, as per all websites. The ad ends with the following lines:

Safari limits websites from tracking you across the web

Because what you browse should be your business

Privacy. That’s iPhone

Although Apple shows an iPhone XR in the ad, Safari’s tracking works for all iOS devices as well as on macOS. Intelligent Tracking Prevention, first introduced in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, ensures that cross-site tracking is not allowed. This keeps user data secure and does not allow advertisers to use it to track users across different websites. Users can still allow websites to track their data in Safari, but with explicit content.

Apple had recently released another privacy focused ad which tried to educate users that if privacy matters in their life, it should also matter on their smartphone.

Apple Watch Series 4 customization

This is a simple ad which only shows off the different watch bands available for Apple Watch Series 4. The ad is so minimalistic that the watch face on the Watch stays the same throughout the video.

Shot on iPhones XS

The first Shot on iPhone XS film features two of the biggest NHL stars. Auston Matthews acts as the camera man to record his teammate Mitch Marner. The video shows them traveling and practicing in the stadium.

Ola Cubana is a beautiful short film shot on iPhone XS. The video contains many beautiful scenes, some of which were shot underwater using a water proof case. The filmmakers also used FILMic Pro and Movie Cinema Robot to capture the beautiful footage. This video is a much watch.

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