Apple posts new ‘Share Your Gifts’ holiday ad on YouTube

Apple has posted a new holiday ad on YouTube titled ‘Share Your Gifts’. It follows Apple’s tradition of releasing holiday themed ads every year, and this one is another masterpiece. The Pixar-like ad is more like a short-film which tells the story of a girl who hides her creative ideas from the world. Her creative ideas  are accidentally shared with the world which everyone loves, which gives the ad its title ‘Share Your Gifts’. 

Share your gifts

The video shows a girl using her MacBook and iPad to create some creative pieces that she always puts away in a box, despite the urge to share them with the world. Later in the ad, the girl’s dog opens the room’s window, which causes all the artwork that the girl has created, to fly away. When she chases them out in the city, they end up in the hands of different citizens who praise her creativity.

‘Share Your Gifts’ is a smart title for this video as it encourages people to share their creativity with the world. Of course, Apple also encourages people to buy their products and share them as gifts with friends and family during the upcoming holiday season.

The ad is set to a nice song ‘Come out and play’ by Billie Eilish, which gives it a soothing and calm feel. The video has an absolutely brilliant art style, which turns out to be a surprise when you see the behind-the-scenes video.

Despite its CGI like look, the video is actually a combination of some practical sets and computer graphics. All the houses, streets and decorations in the video are actually real-world miniature sets created specifically for the ad. Character animation is done using computer graphics, but all other motion is mixed with some real practical effects. It’s a real treat to watch how much effort and attention to detail went in the making of this video.

Apple also posted 2 more videos on YouTube to go with the Holiday theme. The first one is titled ‘How I Create Music on iMac and iPhone ft. Billie Eilish’ which tells the story of the singer’s creative process of coming u with her songs and music. She uses an iPhone, an old iMac and Logic, which are used throughout the process.

The second video is titled ‘How I Create Stories with Color on MacBook Pro’ and shows the workflow of the color artist who worked on the ‘Share Your Gifts’ ad, using her MacBook Pro. She gives a few tips on how different colors in scenes invoke different moods, which is really interesting.

Happy holidays!