Apple posts iPad Pro videos demonstrating different ways to use it

Apple has posted 5 new videos on YouTube which show how to use the iPad Pro for different productivity scenarios. These use cases include creating presentations, taking notes, interior designing, recording podcasts and scanning documents. These apps and their uses might be common knowledge to existing iPad Pro users but might be enough to entice new users on the productivity potential that the device offers.

After each video, Apple shows the lines filmed, edited, design and made with iPad Pro which imply that the ads have been created using the powerful tablet. Here’s a detailed look at all the new iPad Pro videos posted by Apple:

Recording Podcasts

There’s no app by Apple that allows users to record and share podcasts with ease, however, this gap is filled by a popular third-party app called Anchor. The app, also available for iPhone, lets users easily collaborate, record, edit and publish a podcast to different platforms like Apple, Google and Spotify. GarageBand also makes a guest appearance in this video, demonstrating how you can create and add music to your podcast.

Before Anchor was released, recording podcasts on iOS wasn’t even an option unless you were willing to jump through multiple hoops. Anchor makes recording podcasts easier than recording them on a Mac.

Document scanning and signing using Pencil

This video highlights writing and drawing capabilities of Apple Pencil, along with document scanning features of iOS. Apple shows an invoice being scanned and signed, receipts being archived, drawings and more. Files app is also used to save files to the cloud.

Creating Presentations

Instead of PowerPoint, Apple uses their own Keynote app to show how easy it is to create presentations with videos and animations right from an iPad Pro. AirPlay is also pitched in as a feature for showing presentations on a big screen.

Taking notes

Rather than just their own Notes app, Apple show off Notability App which lets users type, write, doodle, scan and also record notes.

Designing interiors using Augmented Reality and Pencil

Apple shows the entire process of interior designing which includes measuring space using the Measure app in iOS 12, sketching using Morpholio Trace app, using Houz app to try out furniture using AR and purchasing using Apple Pay and FaceID on iPad Pro.

Note that all these ‘new ways’ of doing different tasks are not specific to the iPad Pro. The good old regular iPad also has enough horse power, and Apple Pencil support, to accomplish all these tasks, using the same apps and iOS features.

Apple had previously created an ad which showed 5 reasons why iPad Pro can be your next computer. The reasons included ease of use, performance, versatility, connectivity and Apple Pencil

January 28 Update: Apple has posted a new behind the scenes video of these iPad Pro videos: