Apple Podcasts now play in browser, movies and TV show pages also updated

Apple has updated the user interface for its Podcasts, Movies and TV Shows webpages. The webpages are more functional now as you can playback podcasts and movie trailers directly in the browser, instead of opening in iTunes. There are also more ways to browse and discover content now, thanks to the new design.

Apple has long had an old layout for their web-based preview pages for iTunes content like podcasts, music, movies and TV shows. Although the design in iTunes app was updated a long time ago, the web browser-based pages lagged behind. These pages have finally received some much-needed love and attention and have been updated to become more useful.

Apple podcasts on the web

The new podcasts page shows a listing of the podcast episodes. Clicking on any of the podcast titles will open its details page. A new play button on each episode also lets users playback the complete episode in their browser, without having to download it.

Apple Podcasts Listings

The playback feature works fine but it’s underwhelming compared to the likes of Overcast. Overcast lets users login in a browser and fetch their podcast subscriptions. It also syncs yours listening progress for each podcast and even lets you set playback speed.

The new movies and tv shows pages also show more information than before. Along with the usual movie details, the pages show trailers, ratings and reviews, and much more.

Apple Movies Web page
Apple Moves in browse

Similarly, with TV show pages, Apple has updated the details and listing pages. You can’t watch any content in the browser for TV shows though. Of course, just like the podcasts and movie pages, the TV shows page also links to the iTunes desktop app so you can easily navigate to the right place to stream the content.

To access these new pages, an easy way it to head to the iTunes Charts page. This page lists the top songs, albums, movies, apps, books, TV shows and more. Navigating this page will take you to these newly updated preview pages.

via 9to5mac and Mac Generation