Apple’s hilarious new ad shows employees creating a pizza box

Apple has released a new video on YouTube titled The Underdogs. The ad is based around a fictional story of how different Apple employees work together to design a pizza box. The film aims to show how Apple products are used in work environments for seamless collaboration across different device types. Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and ARKit make appearances throughout the video to show how they work together seamlessly for productivity.

Apple Pizza Box Ad

Designing an Apple Pizza Box

The premise of the video is that 4 employees get a chance to impress their line manager, through a twist of fate. They have a pizza box design in mind but get very less time to create a business plan and prototype the product before their meeting, which is scheduled far earlier than they anticipated. This kicks off a lot of late hours, coffee consumption, stressful discussions and sleepless nights. There are also a number of hilarious moments all across the film. Right from the car accident in the beginning of the film to the elevator moment at the end.

Normally, Apple focuses on one product or platform in their videos. However, Apple has thrown the whole kitchen sink of their products and technology at this video. You can spot MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, ARKit, and tons of third-party apps for iOS and macOS. AirDrop and iOS multitasking for iPad also make some appearances in the film. This video presents perfect examples of how Apple’s different hardware products and software platforms work well together. This ecosystem is one of the strongest features of Apple’s product lineup.

Check out the full film below:

It is no secret that Apple does some of the best marketing in the business. Their ads and films are second to none and carry a lot of production values and thoughtfulness (except that one time when Apple launched their horrible Apple Genius ads, which we don’t talk about anymore). Let’s hope that Apple TV+ content is as good as these ads that Apple has been creating recently.

It turns out that the pizza box shown in the ad is an actual thing. Apple uses this pizza box in Caffè Macs, which is the cafeteria at Apple’s campus. The design of the box is so unique that Apple even has a patent on it.

The pizza box is so popular that it has even been covered by websites like The Verge and The Outline. It is always interesting to find out such details that you wouldn’t usually know just by watching the video.

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