Apple is planning to launch AR headset in 2020 – Report

Apple is working on an augmented reality headset that will go into mass production latest by the mid of 2020. These smart glasses will use an operating system called rOS, short for reality operating system. The device itself will work while tethered to an iPhone, similar to how Apple Watch functions. Much of the computing, networking and other data will be processed on the iPhone. 

Apple Glasses

Although it has been long rumored that Apple is working on smart glasses, these are some of the biggest details to come out with regards to the project so far. Ming-Chi Kuo, popular analyst with a good track record on Apple related news, has released a report claiming that Apple will be positioning the AR glasses as an iPhone accessory. The aim would be to keep the device slim and lightweight, while utilizing iPhone to handle most of the processing and networking. Apple is expected to start manufacturing between the fourth quarter of 2019 and second quarter of 2020, with the launch expected to be before end of 2020.

Apple’s AR glasses will ship with their own operating system called rOS, bundled with its own variant of an App Store to download apps. Tim Cook has also hyped AR as an important technology of the future that Apple strongly believes in. Back in 2017, Tim Cook claimed that the technology wasn’t there yet to create AR glasses. Apple must have made a lot of progress since then.

Apple has made great strides with ARKit in iPhone and iPad and there are already tons of apps and games that make great use of it. While a killer app is still missing, the real reason for its slow adoption might be the missing piece of the puzzle: AR glasses which remove the need to hold up an iPhone or an iPad for long durations in an uncomfortable way.

via MacRumors

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