Apple is planning a gaming subscription service – Report

A new report claims that Apple is allegedly working on a gaming subscription service. The gaming service will offer an exclusive list of games for a monthly payment plan. Furthermore, Cheddar states that Apple might also be discussing a partnership with developers as a publisher to have control over marketing, distribution, and cost related matters for the offered games.

Apple Games

Cheddar’s sources, who claim to be working closely on the alleged project, state that Apple began working with developers on the gaming subscription service in the latter half of 2018. However, the sources are not aware of details like the cost of the monthly fee, types of games and the dynamics of the service for developers and players/subscribers. In our opinion, judging by the reported time of initiation, it can be assumed that the alleged project would be in it infancy stage at this time and such details are yet to be finalized.

However, Apple’s official refusal to comment on the story creates uncertainty over the materialization of the alleged gaming subscription service.

If the company decides to add a gaming subscription to its currently offered services, iCloud storage and Apple Music, it will define Apple’s focus on revenue generation through other products instead of relying on hardware sales only. The services direction is doing good for the company, states that $39.75 billion services revenue in 2018 fiscal year has paved the way to attain Tim Cook’s (CEO) target of $50 billion by 2020 rendering it the “fastest- growing business segment” for Apple. Therefore, the news of a possible gaming subscription service is not a surprise. Previously, as an attempt to gain more subscribers and create own video streaming content, the company launched ‘Planet of the App’ series in June 2017 exclusively for Apple Music subscribers. Apple is currently working on producing original video content for its upcoming streaming service. The company is working with big names like Oprah and Jennifer Aniston to produce TV shows and movies. The extension of AirPlay 2, iTunes and HomeKit support to TVs by Samsung, Sony, LG and others signals Apple’s intentions of making its services available to a wider audience.

Gaming and esports are currently multi-billion dollars industry and the company’s plans to expand its business to the gaming domain makes sense. EA Origin, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass are other popular gaming subscription platforms, which already have a large following. Having said that, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s gaming subscription service will do in competition with free to play games with in-app purchases on mobile. It is a big question, which can only be answered in time, if and when, Apple launch its gaming subscription service.